Dolphins have discussed extending Cameron Wake’s contract

Defensive end Cameron Wake turned 36 in January, but it doesn’t look like the Dolphins are ready to start thinking about life without him in the lineup.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have had internal discussions about extending Wake’s deal through the 2019 season. Those internal discussions have not progressed to negotiations with Wake at this point.

Wake remained an integral part of the Miami defense in 2017 by starting every game and providing 10.5 sacks off the edge.

Of course, Flacco has his own problems. The 33-year-old has posted a sub-85 passer rating in three consecutive seasons, and he averaged an NFL-low 5.7 yards per attempt in 2017. The Ravens offense produced fewer 20-yard plays (37) than anyone else in football, and March acquisitions Michael Crabtree and John Brown won’t change that.

Baltimore keeps hanging around because a strong defense led by C.J. Mosley, Eric Weddle and Terrell Suggs remains one of the best in football, but Weddle (33) and Suggs (35) are getting pretty old. The Ravens are probably going to get worse before they get better.

Orlando, Fla. — The NFL announced 11 changes, alterations or permanent adoptions to playing rules at its annual league meeting, with two understandably generating the most attention — the simplification of what defines a catch and the prohibition of players leading with their helmet.

The catch rule has proven problematic the past several seasons as what have appeared to be common-sense receptions have routinely been overturned due to technicalities following replay review.

In January, commissioner Roger Goodell expressed concern about the state of the rule and acknowledged the league had been reviewing potential changes with the help of several former Hall of Fame receivers and multiple coaches.

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