Vikings reportedly sign WR Kendall Wright

The Vikings continued to adorn their offense with weapons for new quarterback Kirk Cousins on Friday, signing former Bears wideout Kendall Wright after his free agent visit began on Thursday.

He’s doing a great job. I know it’s still early. He’s been around for spring training. I’m excited for this season to get going.

What have you liked about his personality

I think he’s a great guy. He just understands the game. It’s still early. I still got to get to know him. We’ve only been around each other for a couple weeks. He’s going to be a great manager.

He said his first meeting with you guys, his theme was, expect to be great. Does that represent how you guys feel here

It’s a great mindset to have. it’s something he’s drilled into us. Expect to be great. The biggest thing is to get out there and take care of our jobs. Do your job. That’s the biggest thing. If we have 25 guys just doing their job, we’ll be in a good position.

His former teammate and close friend Mark Andrews says Mayfield takes high-profile criticisms very seriously : It could be the smallest thing in the world, but in his head it’s the world ending. That volatility doesn’t bode well for long-term, but mental tranquility is not quite Mayfield’s strong suit. That anger may have fueled him in a rout against Kansas, but there are no winless Big 12 programs in the NFL. The reason Mayfield earns comparisons to Manziel instead of Wilson is because he burns red-hot. Mayfield’s motivational techniques also garnered negative reactions from players Klemko interviewed for the feature. Retired offensive tackle Joe Thomas expressed concern about the equanimity and composure of a quarterback who’s motivated by negativity.

The thing that scares me about someone who is motivated by criticism, Thomas says, is that he could become overwhelmed with the amount of negative. You wonder with Baker, is there a critical mass where there’s so much criticism, and there are so many people saying he can’t do it, he just gives up When your confidence has been shattered, you lose love for the game, because what people were saying about me was so important.

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