Manziel needs to play well in Canada to get back to the NFL

The plan made sense — take #ComebackSZN to The Spring League, dominate it, get a spot on a 90-man NFL offseason roster, work to get from 90 to 53. The performance in his debut likely wasn’t sufficiently dominant to trigger steps three and four.

Still, to get to the NFL, Manziel will need to show a lot more than what he showed last night. Specifically, he needs to show something more than rolling to the right and waiting for someone to get open. If that’s all he can still do well, NFL defenses will shut it down quickly, and then he’ll be screwed.

CFL defenses will shut it down quickly, too. Which means that it makes sense for Manziel to take advantage of one more chance to get live reps with The Spring League before heading to the CFL. But it’s becoming more and more clear that his effort to get back to the NFL will include an attempt to show dominance in the Canadian league.

That’s why he found the feedback he received from NFL scouts funny.

“A lot of them were surprised that I caught the ball really well,” Bridgewater said. “I thought that was funny, because that’s like my biggest asset, catching. It’s like rebounding — you just go up and get it.”

Bridgewater, a forward who averaged 1.8 points per game over three seasons with the LSU basketball team from 2014 to 2017, worked out with the LSU football prospects at the pro day with hopes he can get a chance to join a professional team.

His hope is to mimic the transition Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates successfully made from playing basketball in college to playing football in the pros.

Sean Couturier, Claude Giroux and Travis Konecny are the stack on offense. Both Shayne Gostisbehere and Ivan Provorov are dangerous on the blue line, with Gostisbehere getting the edge as the quarterback on the power play.

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