Jerry Jones gets something fewers receive: A chance to save some face

The NFL announced on Wednesday that the controversy over legal fees to be reimbursed by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. Although Jones apparently paid at least 80 cents on the dollar, if not more, of the roughly $2.5 million in legal fees the league sought to impose on him, the fact that he had a chance to enjoy even a slight effort to save face is a lot more than most, if not all, ers achieve in the Court of Big Shield.

Goodell could have secured full victory against Jones, but Goodell chose not to. Why didn’t he similarly opt to, for example, reduce the Ezekiel Elliott suspension by a game, from six to five? Ultimately, it’s further proof that it pays to be one of the 32 people who pay the salary of the person making these decisions.

From the minute Marquise joined our team, he has shown us everything we want to see in a 49er, General Manager John Lynch said in a statement. He leads by example with a tremendous work ethic, a trait that helped him expand his repertoire as a football er and post his most successful season as a pro last year. Marquise earned this extension by coming in every day focused on doing his job and, as a result, he made himself and his teammates better.

Goodwin is set to make $1.45 million this season under the terms of the two-year contract he signed with the 49ers last offseason. He led the team’s wideouts with 56 catches and 962 yards while also scoring two touchdowns. He had 29 catches, 384 yards and a touchdown after Garoppolo took over as the starter for the final five games of the season.

The other touchdown was an 83-yarder against the Giants in November in what would be the 49ers’ first win of the year. It came hours after Goodwin and his wife Morgan lost their son due to a complication with Morgan’s pregnancy.