Cowboys’ Randy Gregory to apply for reinstatement Thursday, report says

Randy Gregory is preparing to make his return to the football field.

The suspended Cowboys defensive end is expected to submit his application for reinstatement to the NFL on Thursday, NFL Media reported, citing unidentified sources.

Gregory has been suspended since January 2017 for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, which is his third ban since being selected by Dallas in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

“Just everyone that’s here, we know. We know everyone. They’ve played games with us in the past and have been in the organization for a bit. So anyone who needs to step in we feel comfortable with, and skating with them today, they’re ready to go. They’re going hard out there and it’s fun. They’re young and it keeps it a lot of fun when you go out there and you get to skate with just the young guys.”

Young guys that, for the record, have gone further than their Capitals elders have in the postseason.

As Brady noted, with 968 career rushing yards, he is just 32 shy of 1,000 for his career. Brady has averaged 1.7 yards per carry and has scored 17 rushing touchdowns on 557 carries.

There’s no guarantee Brady will hit that 1,000-yard milestone this season, as he’s failed to compile 32 rushing yards in two of the last five seasons, including last year.

“I would not say I’m anti-suit. It’s just, for me, that was probably the furthest outside my comfort zone,” Nance said. “To be honest with you, now I’m starting to like it, though. … We walk in kind of badass. Like a business meeting.”

The first “meeting” went terribly, however. Cleveland went to Indiana for Game 3, debuted the suits and proceeded to blow a 17-point lead as it fell behind in the series 2-1 to the lower-seeded Pacers.

“When we lost our first game,” Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said, “I knew it would be a story.”

“I had groin surgery the week after the Super Bowl,” Jones said. “I’m finally 100 percent from that, just got cleared by the doctors. Running full speed. Have been in contact with several teams, I expect it to pick up in the coming weeks.”

When the Bengals announced that they were passing on Jones’ option, they suggested he could be back with a reduced salary. It’s not clear if that remains an option, but Cincinnati and the rest of the teams in the league should have a better idea of remaining needs and wants after going through OTAs over the next month.

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