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Hunter Harvey gets first call up by Orioles to help out weary bullpen

The Orioles have recalled 2013 first-round pick Hunter Harvey from Double-A Bowie to bolster their weary bullpen.

Harvey, the son of former big league pitcher Bryan Harvey, has never pitched above Class A. The 23-year-old right-hander missed the 2015 season with an arm injury and had Tommy John surgery in July 2016.

Harvey pitched 18 2/3 innings last season for three low-level minor league teams.

Baltimore’s top pitching prospect arrived Monday after the Orioles played extra-inning games against the Yankees on Friday and Sunday. He replaces lefty Tanner Scott, who pitched Sunday and was optioned to Triple-A Norfolk.

“Complacency. I think that is kind of what happens to a young team with early wins.” — Gordon, on Orlando’s struggles after starting 8-4 this season.

Magic: Wrap up the season by hosting the Wizards on Wednesday.

Bucks: Finish the regular season with a trip to face the 76ers.

“It’s tough when Rudy gets going, everything goes in,” said Willie Cauley-Stein, who finished with 25 points and 10 rebounds.

Gay had eight points, five rebounds, an assist and a block in the fourth quarter.

San Antonio outscored Sacramento 50-25 after Gay entered the game with 6:38 remaining in the third quarter.

“The way I was growing up, you learn you never have anything given to you, so you’ve got to go get it on your own,” Gay said.

Forbes’ fast-break layup off a steal by Kyle Anderson gave San Antonio its first advantage at 68-67 with 10:21 remaining. Sacramento went back ahead seconds later when Buddy Hield hit a 3-pointer, and the lead changed three times after that before Ginobili and Gay gave the Spurs’ the edge for good.

Gay and Ginobili had thunderous dunks in the final five minutes that helped San Antonio maintain small leads. Gay also had a 3-point play off a runner he tossed in and ripped the ball from Cauley-Stein while blocking the 7-footers shot.

Former Seahawk Jeremy Lane takes plea deal in DUI case

Jeremy Lane has agreed to a plea deal in his DUI case, TMZ Sports reported Tuesday.

The free-agent cornerback has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving after he was initially charged with driving under the influence earlier in March.

The charge stems from a Jan. 14 incident in which Lane was pulled over for driving 80 mph in a 60 mph zone. Lane admitted to police he had smoked marijuana earlier, but said he was not drunk.

Even though the NFC is loaded with potential and talent, that doesn’t mean familiar teams will be reaching the title game. The NFC actually has been a model of parity.

The Lions are the only NFC team that has not appeared in a Super Bowl, and the Seahawks are the only such team to make back-to-back appearances in the big game since the Packers did it after the 1996 and ’97 seasons. Since 1999, the NFC has seen 12 different teams make Super Bowl appearances. The AFC in that span has seen just six different teams reach the Super Bowl, and two of those were led by one QB in Peyton Manning.

The idea that the NFC outweighs the AFC in competitive nature and quality teams has been building for a few years. In both 2016 and ’17 there were just four teams in the NFC with fewer than seven wins. Last year alone saw three 9-7 squads fail to make the playoffs — thanks in part to the NFC South fielding three teams with double-digits wins.

“It locked up worse than it has in the past,” Rizzo said Sunday. “(Getting) treatment every day. It feels better. Don’t want to re-aggravate it.”

Rizzo has experienced this sort of ailment in the past but it’s never been serious. Temperatures in the 30’s on Monday are ripe for aggravating an injury, so the Cubs are playing it safe. The team is off Tuesday, giving Rizzo another day to heal up.

“Every time it’s a little different but generally it’s the same thing,” Rizzo said. “This is something that just grabbed. It’s usually upper (back); this is lower.”

Manager Joe Maddon indicated he wants Rizzo to back off game-day workouts, saying players take too many swings and ground balls throughout the season. Rizzo is off to a slow start, with just three hits in 28 at-bats.

The Cubs host the Pittsburgh Pirates in their home opener on Monday.

Packers’ Trevor Davis arrested for making bomb joke

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis was arrested Sunday and charged with making “criminal threats” after joking about a bomb at the Los Angeles International Airport, according to LAX police.

Public information officer Rob Pedregon told ESPN on Monday that Davis was taken into custody and released on his own recognizance pending a May 3 court appearance.

“Yesterday, Trevor Davis checked in at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter and was asked the usual questions about whether he was carrying any aerosol cans, knives, weapons or explosives,” Pedregon said. “Davis turned to his female companion and asked if she remembered to pack the explosives. He was then taken into custody and booked.”

“Obviously my stuff is there. I’m not worried about that,” he said. “It’s just smoothing out some delivery issues that I have, better direction to the plate, better timing, my arm’s dragging a little bit so everything’s kind of up in the zone … It’s rhythm, tempo and timing. I’m just a hair off right now.”

Ohtani could return to the lineup. He’s homered in three straight games as a designated hitter. Both teams start 1-0 left-handers, Tyler Skaggs for the Angels and Martin Perez for the Rangers.

Scandrick was signed with Dallas through the 2019 season and is set to earn base salaries of $3 million and $4 million, respectively, but was granted his request to be released by the Cowboys on Saturday.

Scandrick, 31, was selected by the Cowboys in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft. He recorded 38 total tackles and three defended passes in 11 games last season while also failing to record a single interception for just the second time in his 10-year career.

Drury agreed the time away would be a good thing.

“I don’t want to be out there if I’m playing at 50 percent if it’s something that we can fix and get back out there and get healthy,” Drury said.

Second baseman Tyler Wade also left Friday’s game, exiting in the ninth inning with flu-like symptoms.

Golden Tate contract talks likely to wait until summer

The Detroit Lions have aggressively extended the contracts of a number of key contributors under general manager Bob Quinn, and if the pattern holds, wide receiver Golden Tate could be next on the docket.

Quinn said he hasn’t thought that far ahead, preferring to explore that possibility later in the summer, well into the offseason program, and with the chaos of the draft in the rearview mirror.

I think all those things, in my time here, have happened in the summer, Quinn said. I think our concentration and our focus right now is on the draft. Things that come down the road after that, they’ll come and go and we’ll talk through it.

The biggest difference is Tate’s age. He’ll turn 30 during training camp, which could limit how much the Lions are looking to invest in him, both in terms of contract length and financially.

Regardless, cap space shouldn’t be an issue. The team has approximately $11 million remaining and Quinn intends to enter the season with a healthy buffer, just for reasons such as this.

We always leave a buffer, Quinn said. I’m not getting into specifics about how much. But there’s practice squad salaries, there’s draft picks, there’s injury replacements during the season, there’s possible extensions in training camp.

There’s a myriad of things that we always keep a buffer for, he said. You’re never going to see us go close to the cap this time of year. That’s just not good business. You always have to keep that for contingency plans and for emergency plans during the year.

Maybe that’s good enough for Seattle these days: Dress different, act like the masses. It wasn’t good enough before, though, when the Seahawks nurtured an identity, lived by their own rules and stayed late at the playoff party every year.

Maybe this is Seattle’s new winning formula. It’s been other franchises’ winning formula, to be sure. But the Seahawks had their own formula, and if they had employed a more reliable kicker last season — another common theme they have adopted to their detriment — they might still be winning with it today.

Much of this, of course, is simply the way NFL business is conducted these days. Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett and Earl Thomas (if and when he is moved out) were going to face the fate of every player who signs a big deal in his prime. No matter how much they’ve won, how much they’ve redefined their positions and how much they’ve created unique identities, their team was going to want someone younger and cheaper sooner rather than later.

The NFL’s new helmet-hit rule creates more problems than it fixes

Don’t do it, NFL. Please. Don’t take one giant step forward with the new catch rule, only to take two steps backwards with the new targeting rule.

The NFL had to change the catch rule, as I’ve explained before. They scored a big publicity win with that news. Then reports dropped they are exploring the possibility of ejecting players who lead with the crown of their helmets to initiate contact against an opponent on any play. As it stands now, any player who initiates helmet-to-helmet contact, no matter the intent — whether it’s a safety on a wide receiver, a lineman pulling around the edge, or maybe even a running back in the hole — is subject to ejection.

I think it’s easy to spot the egregious kind of targeting penalties the NFL is already flagging, fining, and suspending players for.

A safety or linebacker launches himself (leaves his feet) into a wide receiver who’s running down the field and hits that player in the helmet. That’s clear to see. However that’s what happens when the wide receiver moves at all, and I do feel for defenders. He jumps, or ducks, or dives, or moves at all, and the safety has already begun his tackle aimed at an acceptable target, and that target has now moved. That safety is getting flagged and fined, maybe even suspended. That’s enough punishment. Now we are going to eject players without knowing intent Or worse, just assuming intent

But Geoff, look at college, they have this rule and it works. Maybe. I’ve also seen it work for hits that aren’t egregious enough to draw a flag, but the player gets ejected. That’s no proof this rule has limited the amount of these types of plays.

I understand the NFL desire to continue to limit the chances of CTE and unfortunate injuries like the one suffered by Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier. The NFL has changed practice schedules and times and started teaching better tackling and blocking techniques that emphasize using less of your head. (So has college). Players are aware of head injuries and have been more open about reporting them to trainers, which is an awesome change in the NFL from when I first entered the league.

The league is moving in the right direction to help avoid, as much as possible, head injuries and the long-term health effects that come with them.

However, I’ve always stated, the NFL has a 100 percent injury rate. It’s a fast, quick, and violent game. Unless helmets are removed, the potential for head injuries will always be there. That’s understood now when a player signs that contract, the potential is there.

Vikings reportedly sign WR Kendall Wright

The Vikings continued to adorn their offense with weapons for new quarterback Kirk Cousins on Friday, signing former Bears wideout Kendall Wright after his free agent visit began on Thursday.

He’s doing a great job. I know it’s still early. He’s been around for spring training. I’m excited for this season to get going.

What have you liked about his personality

I think he’s a great guy. He just understands the game. It’s still early. I still got to get to know him. We’ve only been around each other for a couple weeks. He’s going to be a great manager.

He said his first meeting with you guys, his theme was, expect to be great. Does that represent how you guys feel here

It’s a great mindset to have. it’s something he’s drilled into us. Expect to be great. The biggest thing is to get out there and take care of our jobs. Do your job. That’s the biggest thing. If we have 25 guys just doing their job, we’ll be in a good position.

His former teammate and close friend Mark Andrews says Mayfield takes high-profile criticisms very seriously : It could be the smallest thing in the world, but in his head it’s the world ending. That volatility doesn’t bode well for long-term, but mental tranquility is not quite Mayfield’s strong suit. That anger may have fueled him in a rout against Kansas, but there are no winless Big 12 programs in the NFL. The reason Mayfield earns comparisons to Manziel instead of Wilson is because he burns red-hot. Mayfield’s motivational techniques also garnered negative reactions from players Klemko interviewed for the feature. Retired offensive tackle Joe Thomas expressed concern about the equanimity and composure of a quarterback who’s motivated by negativity.

The thing that scares me about someone who is motivated by criticism, Thomas says, is that he could become overwhelmed with the amount of negative. You wonder with Baker, is there a critical mass where there’s so much criticism, and there are so many people saying he can’t do it, he just gives up When your confidence has been shattered, you lose love for the game, because what people were saying about me was so important.

Dolphins have discussed extending Cameron Wake’s contract

Defensive end Cameron Wake turned 36 in January, but it doesn’t look like the Dolphins are ready to start thinking about life without him in the lineup.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have had internal discussions about extending Wake’s deal through the 2019 season. Those internal discussions have not progressed to negotiations with Wake at this point.

Wake remained an integral part of the Miami defense in 2017 by starting every game and providing 10.5 sacks off the edge.

Of course, Flacco has his own problems. The 33-year-old has posted a sub-85 passer rating in three consecutive seasons, and he averaged an NFL-low 5.7 yards per attempt in 2017. The Ravens offense produced fewer 20-yard plays (37) than anyone else in football, and March acquisitions Michael Crabtree and John Brown won’t change that.

Baltimore keeps hanging around because a strong defense led by C.J. Mosley, Eric Weddle and Terrell Suggs remains one of the best in football, but Weddle (33) and Suggs (35) are getting pretty old. The Ravens are probably going to get worse before they get better.

Orlando, Fla. — The NFL announced 11 changes, alterations or permanent adoptions to playing rules at its annual league meeting, with two understandably generating the most attention — the simplification of what defines a catch and the prohibition of players leading with their helmet.

The catch rule has proven problematic the past several seasons as what have appeared to be common-sense receptions have routinely been overturned due to technicalities following replay review.

In January, commissioner Roger Goodell expressed concern about the state of the rule and acknowledged the league had been reviewing potential changes with the help of several former Hall of Fame receivers and multiple coaches.

Jerry Jones gets something fewers receive: A chance to save some face

The NFL announced on Wednesday that the controversy over legal fees to be reimbursed by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. Although Jones apparently paid at least 80 cents on the dollar, if not more, of the roughly $2.5 million in legal fees the league sought to impose on him, the fact that he had a chance to enjoy even a slight effort to save face is a lot more than most, if not all, ers achieve in the Court of Big Shield.

Goodell could have secured full victory against Jones, but Goodell chose not to. Why didn’t he similarly opt to, for example, reduce the Ezekiel Elliott suspension by a game, from six to five? Ultimately, it’s further proof that it pays to be one of the 32 people who pay the salary of the person making these decisions.

From the minute Marquise joined our team, he has shown us everything we want to see in a 49er, General Manager John Lynch said in a statement. He leads by example with a tremendous work ethic, a trait that helped him expand his repertoire as a football er and post his most successful season as a pro last year. Marquise earned this extension by coming in every day focused on doing his job and, as a result, he made himself and his teammates better.

Goodwin is set to make $1.45 million this season under the terms of the two-year contract he signed with the 49ers last offseason. He led the team’s wideouts with 56 catches and 962 yards while also scoring two touchdowns. He had 29 catches, 384 yards and a touchdown after Garoppolo took over as the starter for the final five games of the season.

The other touchdown was an 83-yarder against the Giants in November in what would be the 49ers’ first win of the year. It came hours after Goodwin and his wife Morgan lost their son due to a complication with Morgan’s pregnancy.