Cleveland Browns to be featured on ‘Hard Knocks’

Cleveland Browns fans know the hard knock life. So it’s only fitting that, on the heels of a historic 1-31 stretch, their team will be featured on Hard Knocks.

HBO and NFL Films announced Thursday that the Browns will be the 10th franchise to be depicted on the training-camp series. The series will premiere Aug. 7 on HBO.

In the modern, app-driven age, you won’t have to worry about sounding like a fuddy-duddy who wandered into a naughty novelty shop when placing your first bets. But you will want to be a little savvy with the lingo when talking about your bets if you hope to hang with or even impress other gamblers. Master these phrases and you will sound like you grew up hanging around weird old men at dog tracks:

“I put a quarter on the Bills and two bucks on the Dolphins.” Referring to large sums of money as small change makes you sound cool. So in this example, you bet $25 on the Bills and $200 on the Dolphins—and are probably about to lose $225. Also important to note: Dimes are a drug reference; try to keep your legalization movements straight.

“I teased the lines on the Bills and Dolphins.” The sports book allows you to fiddle with point spreads in exchange for lumping two bets together. So here, you exchanged lower odds of winning any one bet for the feeling that you were doing something clever. Yep, the term teased is being used exactly backwards.

Mechanical problems with the plane and storms in the Washington, D.C., area were to blame, general manager Brian Cashman told Newsday’s Erik Boland.

After a 12-hour delay that players spent either on the plane or in the terminal, the team was able to leave at about 9:30 a.m. Thursday, the report said.

The Yankees and Nationals game at Nationals Park on Tuesday was postponed after 5 1/2 innings with the score tied, 3-3, due to rain. It was supposed to start at that juncture Wednesday, to be followed by Wednesday’s originally scheduled game, but rain ruined those plans, too.

The Yankees are scheduled to travel back to Washington, D.C., to complete the games June 18. They also have to head to Detroit for a makeup doubleheader that was the result of rainouts.