Justin Tuck: Saquon Barkley should’ve been No. 1 pick

The NFL is less running back-reliant now, but, like the old-school Gettleman, Accorsi would have had a hard time passing on Barkley’s all-around impact potential. Accorsi listed on the podcast Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Gale Sayers as the best halfbacks he has seen.

I can’t compare ( Barkley ) to anybody, Accorsi said. Because I’ve never quite seen someone with that size with, basically, sprinter’s speed.

I’ve seen him get into space on the flank, either through a broken tackle or taking a swing pass, where the defensive back had an angle on him — at least to push him out (of bounds) — and he kicks into another gear and runs by him. If it was a touch-football league, he wouldn’t even have gotten him. For a guy who’s that thick, and that big and powerful, to have that kind of speed, it’s rare.

Eric introducing me for this prestigious award brings me great joy, Kaepernick said. But I am also pained by the fact that his taking a knee, and demonstrating courage to protect the rights of black and brown people in America, has also led to his ostracization from the NFL when he is widely recognized as one of the best competitors in the game and in the prime of his career.

The 5-foot-8, 224-pound Anderson entered the league in 2013 out of California as an undrafted free agent with the Broncos, where he spent five seasons before being released on April 16.

If the opportunity comes up, why not? Austin said.

Austin was given a five-game suspension that was reduced to four after a hearing for his role in the brawl, while Kelly got six for his part.

Austin has said all along that he has no regrets. He felt that he had to stick up for himself at that moment, and that’s why he chased down Kelly after being hit.

Yeah, Austin said. I feel like that’s the way it is. It’s part of the game. It’s not fun, not embarrassing… it’s just part of it.

Kelly wasn’t available for an interview before Tuesday’s game, but he interestedly commented on Sunday that he was concerned that Yankees fans might do more than fire insults at him while he’s in the visiting bullpen this week.